Keeping Your Coins Safe

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

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On Tuesday, April 24th, some users of My Ether Wallet (MEW)—the popular Ethereum web-based wallet—were subject to a DNS attack that redirected the site to a malicious copycat that stole keys. As a result, many people lost their coins.

Here are some tips to help you keep your coins safe from attacks like these and other dangers in the digital—and physical—world.

Information in this blog post is also covered in my visit to the Coin Chat podcast episode 22.

Critical Success Criteria

How Do You Know When You're Done?

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Writing software takes time and this is at immediate odds with every single project manager. As soon as there is a project there is someone who wants it done now. One of the most important skills in sustainable development is determining what to build.

It was 2011, I was working at a large company and the Group Product Manager (GPM) had just committed to the VP of another team that we would finish our project in three months….and we had previously scoped the project to take six. I circled my pod and explained that since we had a limited amount of time we had to pick apart the specifications, identify the top-priority (P0) features, and work on those first. It was when I reviewed the checkin requests later that week that my jaw dropped.

How I Approach Testing

Tests Shouldn't Be "The Problem"

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Testing is one of the most important things I do on a daily basis. Our team builds payment processing software. When we gave a presentation to our new manager I made sure to drive home the importance of our test effort:

A bug in our system is not just a nuisance, it means people don’t get their paycheck. It may mean someone misses their rent payment. It may mean someone can’t buy food for their family. Bugs in our system affect people’s lives.

How We Mob

Breaking Through Remote-Work Barriers

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