Joe "Talljoe" Wasson

Hi! My name is Joe Wasson, known all over as Talljoe.


I am a software engineer and team lead. I started my career at Microsoft in the mid 90’s and have worked for a variety of companies large and small, most recently as the Director of Product for payments at Xero, Inc.

As a freelance consultant and software coach I help companies build high-impact teams that deliver solid code. Using my expertise in sustainable development—the ability for teams to work efficiently for an indefinite period of time—I transform teams into happy, cohesive coders that build low-defect software.

I have extensive experience in eCommerce, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, and have built payment processing systems for both Microsoft and Xero. I am an expert in security, globalization, and scalability; I know how to build software that securely serves millions of users across the globe. I have a strong focus on the customer and make sure that the product satisfies business needs.


Joe Wasson is an incredible mind. He gets the crypto development space at a deep, intuitive level.
He’s great at vision, organization and building of teams and supervision of team work. His software development skills are incredible too. I always look forward to opportunities to work with Joe.

Lawrence Lanoff
Co-Founder, TokenAI

I’ve known Joe Wasson the better part of a decade.

In that time, he’s proven that he’s not only an expert at being tall, but that truly he’s connected to some alien super intelligence that most normal people can’t hope to tune into.

Joe was my earliest mentor in cryptocurrency, and despite losing some early on, I managed to 170X my money in BTC, 140X my money in ETH and 12X my money in LTC, to name a few.

Joe is a master of security and software, having worked at MSFT, GOOG, Xero, and others. From a security perspective, he can hack proof whatever needs hack proofing, because he knows where all the bodies are buried.

Knowing Joe has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life… I would recommend hiring him without hesitation and making sure his valuable time and attention is aligned with your goals and outcomes no matter what your project.

I would never go to cyber battle without first consulting with Joe.

Brad Hart
Founder, Make More Marbles


You want to know even more about me? I am intensely curious about how things work and like solving puzzles. My hobbies include mechanical keyboards, role-playing games, and music.

As part of finding “a better way”, I have built and programmed a more than 2-dozen mechanical keyboards in various layouts and have contributed to the QMK Firmware project. I’m currently learning stenography in attempt to further decrease friction in the human/machine interface.

I run and play role-playing games, usually something Powered by the Apocalypse. I enjoy the challenge of balancing rules mechanics and off-the-cuff storytelling.

My passion project is a recording studio focusing on genres like folk, blues, and the gentler sides of rock and electronica. Music is one of the most-important things in my life and I’m glad to be a part of the creative process.