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  1. 1. Security
  2. 2. Smart Contract Development and Audits
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    2. 2.2. Development
  3. 3. dApp Development

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are hot topics these days. With practically everyone calling themselves a “blockchain expert” it’s hard to be certain the person you are talking to is knowledge. I have been working with Bitcoin since 2011, have been involved with Ethereum since Homestead, and am a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

By partnering with Deepintel I have access to many more experts in the field to tackle any size project. If you need help in any of the following areas I or one of my partners can help.


If you want to keep your coins safe but don’t know how, I’ve got you covered. From guiding you through setting up a hardware wallet to building comprehensive security plan I have the expertise to prevent malicious entities from ruining your business. A comprehensive plan even includes auditing your internet presence to prevent things like email or DNS hijacking.

I can help you bring your organization into compliance with the CryptoCurrency Security Standard.

Smart Contract Development and Audits

Where Bitcoin changes the way we engage in commerce, Smart Contracts have the potential to change the way we interact with each other. In this early stage the world is still learning the capabilities and pitfalls of the technology and as such it can be difficult to navigate.


Building smart contracts is hard and has the downside that bugs can’t be hotfixed and there’s no undo button if funds are locked up or stolen. I use a variety of industry-standard and proprietary automated testing tools, logic inspection gained from 20+ years of software development, and manual testing for common attack vectors. I can even write a complete test suite for your smart contracts.


I can build smart contracts of any size whether you need an ICO-sale contract, crypto-[plural noun] collectibles, or complex escrow logic. The engagement process includes extensive discussion to develop requirements and to offer implementation options. All development comes with an audit report (although a second opinion is recommended for complete protection).

dApp Development

Interacting with smart contracts is still difficult for the average person. Distributed applications provide a friendly user interface to the underlying smart contracts. I can build your Web3 dapp with Vue or React and have experience with side-channel and off-chain transactions to improve application performance.