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Have Talljoe Speak to Your Team

Are you enjoying all of this great content? Wish you could have more? Then have me speak to your team. For the price of airfare and accomodations I will come to your company, team, event, or 4H chapter and give a talk tailored to your needs.

How does it work?

I want to visit your site and give a 1-2 hour talk about building great software and teams. I will tailor the talk to focus on the concepts you are most interested in. Time for Q&A is included and the talk can be split between presentation and Q&A as desired.

What do you talk about?

These are some of the topics I can talk about or pick a blog post you want me to explore more deeply.

  • Sustainable Software Development
  • Effective Patterns for Automated Testing
  • Designing Software to be Maintainable
  • Mob Programming
  • Project Management
  • Crytpocurrency and Blockchain Technology

What does it cost?

Nothing! For a limited time I am waiving my speaking fee. I ask travel and accomodations for three nights so I can explore your town/city/spacestation.

Why? I love to travel and this allows me to share what I've learned with others. This combination means that you can get amazing content simply for showing me someplace different.

What if...?

If you happen to be based in the Seattle area such that travel isn't necessary you're still in luck. Please tempt with food or invite me to do something cool-slash-interesting with interesting-slash-cool people.

I am also open to virtual presentations. Please contact me for details.